We ask the right questions to sort through the clutter

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*Make the right investment for you

Graduate school presents an opportunity to hone in on a specific skill set and accelerate your career, it can also set you back $300,000 and leave you just as confused as when you began. In one session with DecisionDone you will see clearly what is motivating your decision and whether graduate school makes sense for you. You will leave feeling aligned with your values and confident taking your next steps.


*Take next steps that best serve you

Should I stay at my company or start that new business I have been dreaming about? Should I tell my Board that I want the CEO position? One session with DecisionDone will unearth the underlying tensions in your career dilemmas and support you to move forward with clarity.


*Know thyself, and act with compassion

Is your online dating profile attracting the wrong kind of women? Should you go on a second date with that guy? Are you ready to move in with her? Should we get married? Should I stay in touch with my former partner? While one may think these big life choices are only about the two people in the relationship, there are many external factors at play. Let's unpack this together.


We ask the right questions

You leave with clear next steps

Our Methodology
  1. Examine the situation

  2. Explore limiting beliefs and patterns

  3. Discover your truth

  4. Outline next steps

This may involve visualization; values creation; mind-body connection; uncovering limiting beliefs, patterns, and asumptions; data collection; looking back at childhood; and more.

Why You'll Like Us

  • No more ineffective ruminating: you will leave each session with new questions to explore to better understand your decision

  • Act now: you will have clear action items from each session to move you forward.

  • Learn a structure for decision making

  • Build trust in yourself


Emily will ask you the right questions that will lead you to very solid decisions. What I like about Emily is her ability to care about you as a person and the help that she wants to give you. Emily is one of the best and you can't go wrong!

Kit Pang, Founder, Boston Speaks



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