Sort through the clutter

Understand significance of the decision

Examine options for moving forward

Discover what is right for you

Who has a seat at your decision making table?  We do not decide in a vacuum; society, government, finances, religion, community, family, our environment, and more are constantly influencing us. It is our job to sort through our assumptions, limiting beliefs, and patterns to understand what is ours and who we really are. From this truth, one can move through life with love and grace.

How we navigate significant events and transitions affects how we view our lives. Defining moments, such as ending or entering a committed relationship, taking the next steps in our career, moving to a new place for graduate school, or becoming a parent are processes marking shifts and changes within. When we move through life with clarity around our values and trust ourselves, we find joy.



CFA Investment Foundations Certificate Holder

LENSES Facilitator

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills Training Level 2 attendee

Passionate and deeply committed to personal transformation, Emily considers herself a lifelong learner. She feels most authentic when embodying her core values of evergreen curiosity, compassion, experimentation, and service. While themes of agriculture, community organizing, and sustainability are woven throughout her graduate studies and professional resume (working for the government, an operating foundation, sustainability management consulting, and now finance), what you will not see is that from an early age Emily struggled with anxiety and depression - severely. It wasn’t until she came across dialectical behavioral therapy (or DBT) at age 23 that she began to shift from surviving to thriving. Her years of personal experience as a patient and student of DBT have shown her the power that emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and mindfulness can have in shaping one’s thinking, behavior, relationships, and lens for viewing and interacting with the world around us. She looks forward to sharing her experience and continuing to learn.


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